Central Vacuum System (New Construction)

Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum


  • The high performance central power unit is located outside of your living area to reduce vacuum noise – normally the garage.

  • The system is bagless with high efficiency 2-stage filtration media and a high capacity debris collection bucket.

  • The EPA and the National Lung Association consider a central vacuum system a good way to reduce allergy-causing agents, resulting in a healthier home. There is much less dust left behind on your furniture, in your rugs, in the air and in your family's lungs.

  • A central vacuum system is more powerful than a traditional vacuum sweeper - up to 3 times more powerful. It provides the power to lift out dirt, animal dander and dust mites (all are health risks) from your rugs, upholstery and drapes. Then it is vented outside of the living area.

  • No carrying awkward and heavy canister or upright vacuum units up or down stairs. Simply insert the vacuum hose into one of the strategically placed inlets located throughout the home.

  • More dirt is drawn out of carpet and furniture upholstery fibers to reduce wear, so vacuuming is normally required less frequently.

  • With a versatile accessory kit you can clean almost all home surfaces.

  • Long warranty period – typically 5-10 years.

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