Commercial CCTV

COMMERCIAL (CCTV) Video Surveillance Security Systems

Commercial CCTV

Safe and Sound has designed and installed systems for religious centers, schools, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, all types of retail stores, radio stations, burger chains, restaurants, homeowner associations and more.

Every system we install is custom designed following a site inspection by our professional technicians. We take into consideration the particular surveillance needs and make recommendations accordingly. All system components are professional brand name and top quality. A system may include both external and internal cameras. They can also be overt and covert.

We work closely with the client to ensure that all surveillance needs are fully met. Our goal is to exceed a customer’s expectations.

There are many benefits to a surveillance system. Some of the benefits are:

  • Productivity
  • Workplace safety – monitor hazardous work areas
  • Reduce worker compensation claims
  • Reduce premise liability – internal and external
  • Theft and fraud deterrent – internal and external
  • Reduce shrinkage (shoplifters and employee theft)
  • Site security – internal and external
  • Access control – identify employees and visitors
  • Monitor cash registers and counter sales (retail)
  • Ensure compliance with company policies

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